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The Official Site Rules

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The Official Site Rules

Post by Silver on Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:32 am

So these are the rules of the site. Follow them and we should be fine.

No Sensual/Sexual, Vulgar, or Suggestive Language
While some of you may be adults, there are still younger members here, me for example, and I'd rather not have people banned because their parents heard them pick up some new things. That and I just generally dislike that stuff.

Be Nice/Respectful
Don't get into arguments PLEASE. They're annoying to have to try and resolve. If you disagree with someone, don't turn it into an episode. Calmly and non-sarcastically state your opinion. We're all mature people here.

Spam Only In Forum Games
Forum Games is generally MADE for the random times, hence its name. Putting Spam all over the place just slows down the entire site...and cheapens it. Spam anywhere else will be removed.

I honestly don't care whether or not you advertise your sites and things here but don't just use this as a place to advertise. If advertising gets ridiculous, I'll have to actually establish a thread for you to specifically Advertise. Try to only advertise if it's related to your post so we can avoid this.

We all do it yet we all hate when it's done TO us. So to avoid this, when talking to someone, try to avoid getting crazy with caps. It's just annoying if it doesn't need to be there. Only use it to put due emphasis on a word Not The Entire Sentence. You may use Caps to your heart's content in Stories and the like.

Abuse of Moderator Status
Plain and Simple, if you abuse these powers, you will be demoted to a regular member and then you will have to undergo the entire "Mod-To-Be" process AGAIN should you desire your powers back.

Personal Information Sharing
Try not to tell people Too Much about yourself. It's a friendly site but the internet, in general, is a very dangerous place.

Username Changes
Okay, this should be simple enough. If you're changing your Username, give everyone fair warning like a PM or something. Or post who you are in your "Hello" Thread after you've changed it.

None of these Rules are difficult to follow so as long as you comply, we'll all get along fine, I hope! Mewtwo

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